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Andy Morita
Andy Morita "As a competitive bass fisherman having spent most of my spare time on the water, I have definitely seen my share of fishing line companies try to create a new edge in the market, but only few have succeeded. Blackwater line unlike the rest has truly altered my competitive edge in obtaining the highest results through any obstacle in competitive bass fishing."

"Blackwater's Super Hard Upgrade Fluorocarbon by 'Toray' is my first choice and always comes in handy when I need to achieve results out on the water. I feel fluorocarbon definitely helps me get those extra bites when conditions are tough and allows me to have confidence pulling fish out of heavy cover with its high abrasive resistant qualities."

"Through my many years of experience I am extremely happy to have found a line that I can truly put my trust into and always produces great results!
John Miller
John Miller "I wanted to write this email because you guys make a great product. I have been bass fishing for several years in tournaments and have used many other lines that in no way compare. In tournaments a lost fish can cost a great deal. Since I began using Toray Solaroam Superhard Upgrade I haven't broke a fish off. This line is by far unreal I have set hooks knowing there are nicks in line and still it holds.This year I fished a local circuit called the KBBC my goal going into the year was to finish in the top 10 in points for the year. Out of 7 Tournaments we cashed a check in 4 of them and finished 5th overall for year in points.We also won Rookie Team of the Year. Toray really helped not only did it hold up but i didn't have to replace it as much as other products I've used. With the Championship coming up in a month I cant wait. Again Thank You for making a great product, it rocks."
Pete Jones
Pete Jones "Brian - American Angler,

Thanks again for the opportunity to try the Blackwater fluorocarbon leader. I used a 30yd. 130# Blackwater shock leader attached directly to 135# Spectra line. First, I hooked a 100+lb. marlin. Even with my 50-size reel at full drag we could not break the line. I had to bring the fish to the boat and cut the line. With the Blackwater leader shortened by about five yards, I then hooked, fought, and landed my biggest fish ever, a 238.5# yellow-fin tuna. Thanks for the great service on AMERICAN ANGLER and for the Blackwater--an excellent product."
Brandon Kreutel
Brandon Kreutel "I wanted to drop you a note saying thank you for such great products. When fishing the Baja Coast your tackle is really put to the test and you never know what long range fishing will dish out. I fish about 50 days a year and your products hold up and work like new trip after trip. Your Hi-Tech Braid is some of the strongest and easiest to work with that I've fished. Even after being fished many trips, making connections is like working with brand new line. I am also impressed with how tight the weave is without out losing workability when making top shots. I really enjoy the mono like feel of your Fluorocarbon; with the outstanding abrasion resistance I have the confidence that no matter how scratchy the bite or how long the battle, I will land my fish. I recommend Blackwater products to my friends and anglers of all levels with confidence that they too will have the advantage when seeking out a fish of a lifetime."

"I just returned from a Bonefishng trip in the Bahamas and I used the 8 and 10 lb. Superhard Premium Plus lines. My friends told me to use 12 lb. line but being stubborn I wanted to see what this line would do. My concerns were abrasion resistance due to sand and coral, and strength. My first fish I pulled with side pressure slowing the fish down from the long runs they traditionally make. My guide looked at me saying you can't do that. Well, I did. To make a long story short by the end of the trip all of my friends were using the line and couldn't believe they could fish that light with that much power and no problems with abrasion resistance due to the elements."

"As you can see I'm pretty much sold on this line. I recommend that you try this product because it performs. Thanks Blackwater for doing your homework on an excellent product."
Todd Phillips
Todd Phillips "Hi Tracy, here's a picture of myself and seabass. I was born and raised in Seal Beach and started fishing on the boats when I was a young boy. I spend the majority of my fishing days at Catalina and San Clemente Island where we target white seabass, yellowtail, and calico bass. Fluorocarbon sure makes a difference for us, not only for the increased amounts of bites, but especially for abrasion resistance against the islands' kelp and rocky structure."