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Served Connection Guide
Hollow Braid Splice
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Flourocarbon to Hollow Braid
Hollow Braid End Loop
Hollow Braid End Loop
Served Connection Advantages and Applications
Making an end loop in hollow braid.
Hollow Braid End Loop Guide
Latch Needle
Latch Needle
Step 1
Step 1 - Preparing the fluorocarbon Insert the latch needle about 6 inches from the end heading toward the bulk of the line.
Step 2
Step 2 - Method 1 - Inserting The Fluorocarbon Into The Braid Push the latch needle out after 3 inches and loop the braid through the end hook.
Step 3
Step 2 - Method 2 - Inserting The Fluorocarbon Into The Braid Proceed to push the braid off the latch needle until the loop is gone and the braid has literally turned inside out. Note: the latch should close as the braid is pushed off the end of the needle.
Step 4
Step 3 - Serving

Now adjust the size of your loop by sliding the inside out hollow either up or down the main hollow.

Step 5
Step 3 - Serving
Now insert the latch needle into the main hollow about an inch above where the tag end stops.

Step 6
Step 3 - Serving Run it to within an inch of where the inside out hollow starts and push the needle out. Proceed to grab the tag end of the braid with the end hook.

Step 7
Step 3 - Serving Now pull the tag end back through the area where the needle was just thread.

Step 8
Step 3 - Serving Pull the latch needle out and then cinch down the junction point just as you would do for a line to line splice.

Step 9
Step 3 - Serving

Smooth out the bunched up hollow lines and trim the tag end so it gets encased by the main hollow line.

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