Mar 19

Fish Like the Pro’s – Garrett Lorenzen is tearing it up on ‘Toray’/Blackwater Hi-Grade Fluoro!

Welcome back to all of our loyal Blackwater Blog readers!  We know it has been quite some time since our last post, but rest easy.  We have been working diligently on what we’ve promised in the beginning of the year!

For those of you who had a chance to meet up with us at the Fred Hall Long Beach Show, you know that we officially welcomed our new Co-Polymer line, Full Force to the public.  The response has been overwhelming and we are happy to say that it will hit store shelves very soon!  Keep checking back to find out more details on this new phenomenal line from Team Blackwater!!!

For this blog episode, we are happy to report that we have yet another guest spot by our very own Pro-Staff, Garrett Lorenzen.  Garrett has been tearing it up on the California Bass scene lately, and we are pleased to say that he is an extreme supporter of our ‘Toray’/Blackwater Freshwater Lines! Check out his words below on his latest 1st place win at the Angler’s Choice Diamond Valley Lake Tournament (3-11-12).

Garrett’s Thoughts:

Hey there guys!  I am very excited to get another chance to review my latest 1st place win at the Angler’s Choice Diamond Valley Lake Tournament.  Myself, alongside my partner Chris Studinger, got a great opportunity to take home the trophy at this latest tournament, and we feel it had a lot to do with our gear!

We started out throwing the Huddleston rof 12 swim bait in a cove where we had pre-fished 2 days before. The line we were using is BlackWater polymide plus 25lb, coupled with a fluorocarbon leader (4-5) ft leader.  The fluorocarbon we were using is the Super Hard Upgrade also in 25 lb.  As we made our way down the bank, we stuck our first fish, which was an 8.82- this was our largest fish of the day!

After we boated and put the fish in the live well, we immediately stuck another one right after!  This fish was a 5 lbr.  The depth we were fishing was around 25ft. We then proceeded to another area we had done well in prefish. When we pulled up onto the spot we started making a few casts to underwater trees where we had seen some very large bass suspending days before. We hooked another fish after the Huddleston banged up against the tree provoking a reaction bite. This fish was just under 8 lbs!

We now had 3 large fish in the well and decided we would leave this spot because we created a lot of commotion and we would return later when things settled down. We ran up lake to another spot  where some large females had been spotted days earlier roaming the bank staging looking for food and males.  Through stretch of bank, we were making our way down which was only about 200 yards long. I began throwing the triple trout on 30 lb BlackWater polymide plus up against brush and cover. We went about 25 yards and we were on again!  We boated this fish that was a 6 lbr.

Next cast I stuck another one that went 5 lbs. We now had 5 in the boat and we knew they were of some really good weight. We decided to spend the rest of the day throwing the big baits  trying to upgrade the fish we had in the live well. We upgraded and culled out 3 more times using the Huddleston and tripletrout.  Of the 3 more swim bait fish we caught, they culled out a few of our fish by mere ounces. Our total weight was 35.38lbs which sealed the deal for first place.   Special thanks BlackWater!!

A big Congrats to Garrett & Chris!  We are super happy with their results, and we know that you loyal readers have been dying to know how they landed these cows!  You can get all of the lines that Garrett was talking about above at our e-store! And just for our loyal supporters, make sure you enter the discount code upon checking out: fishblackwater to ensure 15% off of your entire purchase!!

Until Next Time!

-Team Blackwater